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The Colors of the Mind Gala

Thank You to the Attendees for Representing Blue Sky Neurology

This past Saturday, March 11, 2017, Blue Sky Neurology proudly supported the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado’s 2017 Colors of the Mind gala, by sponsoring a table at the event. In attendance were Blue Sky neurologists Dr. Kim Horiuchi, spouse, and mother, Dr. Chuck Livsey and spouse, Dr. Marc Wasserman and spouse, Clinic Manager Leslie Luke, Medical Assistant and EEG Technician Bailey Staggs, and Medical Assistant Megan Bedard- newly accepted to medical school.
The Colors of the Mind gala supports vital programming and resources such as unique and specially-designed summer camp experiences for children with epilepsy; first-responder, nurse and teacher training; Project UPLIFT that battles depression and anxiety contributed to by epilepsy; specialized healthcare referrals; and countless other educational resources.
Thank you to the attendees for representing Blue Sky Neurology at this special event!