The Colors of the Mind Gala

Thank You to the Attendees for Representing Blue Sky Neurology

This past Saturday, March 11, 2017, Blue Sky Neurology proudly supported the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado’s 2017 Colors of the Mind gala, by sponsoring a table at the event. In attendance were Blue Sky neurologists Dr. Kim Horiuchi, spouse, and mother, Dr. Chuck Livsey and spouse, Dr. Marc Wasserman and spouse, Clinic Manager Leslie Luke, Medical Assistant and EEG Technician Bailey Staggs, and Medical Assistant Megan Bedard- newly accepted to medical school.
The Colors of the Mind gala supports vital programming and resources such as unique and specially-designed summer camp experiences for children with epilepsy; first-responder, nurse and teacher training; Project UPLIFT that battles depression and anxiety contributed to by epilepsy; specialized healthcare referrals; and countless other educational resources.
Thank you to the attendees for representing Blue Sky Neurology at this special event!

Blue Sky Neurology Holds Annual Party

Blue Sky Neurology recently held their annual party at Moe's Original BBQ on Broadway. Family members attended and enjoyed food, libations, and bowling! Check out some of the fun we had!

Spoon Helps Those with Tremors Eat

The recent invention of a “smart” spoon by Verily Life Sciences is addressing difficulties that individuals suffering from spinal cord injury, stroke, Huntington’s disease, and mild to severe hand tremors, may experience when eating. These smart eating utensils contain sensors, which can detect hand motion and provide stabilization for unwanted movement cause by involuntary tremors.

This type of intelligent design, was brought to fruition with the goal of alleviating eating challenges, endured by people living with physically limiting ailments. A new spoon version is coming out that has broader applications such as post-stroke spasticity.  

12th Annual Swedish Regional Neuroscience Summit

On October 28th, approximately 250 healthcare professionals interested in enhancing their knowledge and management of patients with neurological disorders, gathered at the Denver Marriott Tech Center for the 12th Annual Swedish Regional Neuroscience Summit, sponsored by Swedish Medical Center. In addition to the 7 Blue Sky Neurology physicians and allied health professionals who served as faculty and presented at the conference, Blue Sky’s own Judd Jensen, MD, served as one of the keynote speakers.
Topics addressed by Blue Sky Neurology physicians and allied health professional included:
‘Treatment and Outcomes of Mild Stroke’, Jeff Wagner MD
‘Evaluation of Headache in the Hospitalized Patient’, Meagan Murgel FNP-C
‘Updates in the Care of Epilepsy Patients’, Chuck Livsey MD, PhD
‘Case Studies with Ischemic Stroke and Large Vessel Occlusion’, Chris Fanale MD
‘Who’s the Fastest in the World? What Can We Learn?’, Judd Jensen MD
‘Stroke Mimics’, Russell Bartt MD
‘Assessment of the Complex Neurologic Patient’, Ira Chang MD

Picture 1: Blue Sky Neurology’s Courtney Rahrig NP, Alyssa Pollman NP, presenter Meagan Murgel NP, and Kimberly Horiuchi MD, attend the 12th Annual Swedish Regional Neuroscience Summit.

Picture 2: 
Chris Fanale MD, of Blue Sky Neurology, presents, ‘Case Studies with Ischemic Stroke and Large Vessel Occlusion’.

Picture 3: Blue Sky Neurology’s Jeff Wagner MD- presenter of, ‘Treatment and Outcomes of Mild Stroke’, and Courtney Rahrig NP, at the 12th Annual Swedish Regional Neuroscience Summit.

Picture 4: Sky Neurology epileptologist Chuck Livsey MD, PhD, presented, ‘Updates in the Care of Epilepsy Patients’

Picture 6: Meagan Murgel NP, of Blue Sky Neurology, presented, ‘Evaluation of Headache in the Hospitalized Patient’.

Picture 7: Blue Sky neurologist and keynote speaker Judd Jensen MD, presented, ‘Who’s the Fastest in the World? What Can We Learn?’, addressing the importance of speed in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke.

Picture 8: Blue Sky Neurology’s Russell Bartt MD, prior to presenting, ‘Stroke Mimics’, at the 12th Annual Swedish Regional Neuroscience Summit.

Picture 9:
Conference presenter and Blue Sky neurologist Ira Chang MD, addresses, ‘Assessment of the Complex Neurologic Patient’.

Thank you to all of the Blue Sky Neurology providers who devoted time and effort to the 12th Annual Swedish Regional Neuroscience Summit, and who continue to provide amazing and cutting-edge care to stroke patients and others suffering from neurological conditions, throughout the Denver area and Colorado region.

Parkinson's Association of the Rockies' 4th Annual e3 Conference

Blue Sky Neurology would like to thank those who stopped by our exhibit at the Parkinson Association of the Rockies’ 4th annual e3: educate • empower • energize Conference this past Saturday at the Hyatt Regency Aurora – Denver. The conference brought together individuals with Parkinson’s, their care partners and family members, as well as professionals who shared tips and tricks for living dynamic and vibrant lives.


Blue Sky Neurology is an innovative neurological practice that provides the full spectrum of neurological care, including Parkinson’s disease. In addition, one of our board certified neurologists, Aaron Haug MD, is fellowship trained in movement disorders and has expertise in the medical treatment of the motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson disease, evaluation and management of deep brain stimulation, and other movement disorders including atypical parkinsonism.