The ImPACT Test


Blue Sky Neurology employs the use of the ImPACT Test when a concussion has occurred or is suspected. For more information about this testing program, please click here.

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Impact Dr. Cheryl Melick is a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant. For more information about this designation, please visit Dr. Melick’s page.


The ImPACT test is a computer-based testing program designed for the management of concussions in athletes. A concussion is a brain injury that occurs due to trauma causing headaches and problems with memory, concentration, coordination and balance. It is a common injury among athletes that is not easily identified and can be mismanaged, leading to a high risk of permanent neurological dysfunction. ImPACT is an easy-to-use and interpret clinical tool that evaluates multiple aspects of neurocognitive function, including attention span, response variability, working memory, reaction time and non-verbal problem solving skills.

The components of ImPACT testing consist of:

  • Input of basic demographic information and a series of easy-to-follow instructional health history questionnaire
  • Details of recent episode of concussion
  • Six modules for baseline and post-injury neurocognitive tests
  • Scores displayed graphically

The features of ImPACT testing include the following:

  • Measures symptoms of the player, processing speed, and visual and verbal memory
  • Sensitivity of reaction time measured to 1/100th of a second
  • Assists athletic trainers and clinicians in making difficult decisions

For more information about the ImPACT test, please click here to visit their website.

Credentialed ImPACT Consultants

Cheryl Melick, M.D.

Dr. Cheryl Melick is a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant. Clinicians who have earned the title of Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC) have undergone specialized ImPACT training to offer state-of-the-art concussion care management to their patients. CICs are part of ImPACT’s national network of hundreds of healthcare providers who are leaders in clinical concussion care within their communities. Each CIC is an expert in utilizing ImPACT products and the ImPACT Concussion Care Model to diagnose and manage concussion injuries. For more information, please visit our ImPACT page here.